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    Hi folks,

    I know only basic stuff what comes to Windows programming, so I'm trying my luck here.

    I've been wondering how hard it would be to make a pb program "write" small amount of text over a full screen graphics screen which is not created and owned by pb program (i'm mostly thinking of games and small addon statuses or other information generated by this tool). I guess that won't happen with GRAPHICS commands, would it ? All I know is that those who already have made working programs have used DirectX, but not with pb (what I noticed while checking the generated code).

    Output would be something like in this little snapshot (at first, it doesn't have to be transparent ..)

    Because I have never coded with DirectX, I know nothing about it and thats why I'm turning to You. I usually code only small tools when needed (for nothing), so I don't like the idea of learning too much at once, like reading DirectX bibles . So if You think this is not that bad job to do, please give me some ideas, guidance or samples.

    cheers.. C[_] aSa