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FYI - Termination crashes on some Win versions

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  • FYI - Termination crashes on some Win versions

    Just a FYI on the off chance anyone else encounters this.

    I was getting reports of intermittent crashes of my app on some Vista systems but never tracked it down. It never seemed to occur on XP (which is what I'm running). Just had a user who got it steadily on a W2000 system and got some debug data.

    Finally traced it to some re-org I'd done a long time ago to termination routines and in cut/pasting around I'd managed to do the DIALOGUE END for the main window twice. (Duh!)

    I guess its in system timing or maybe XP is better at recovering it by itself and not complaining.


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    Nice one George

    I will have to assume your app is an EXE and not a DLL from the sounds of it. (and how hard it was to track down) ?????

    Its always nice to have a user capable of feeding you debug data (vs the ones that say..."Dang it go boom" and make you wonder how, what. when, why)????

    I see this problem more often in DLL's (since to date I have no way to debug a DLL, but I can a EXE) that if a process tries to eliminate a handle or thread that is no longer valid, that an EXE is more "Forgiving" (or finished before the error finally arises)

    The only DOOOOOOZZZZZZYYYY part is when you can't replicate it, can't find it, and debugging tools at hand make you even more nuts cause they can not either....till you find that one lil' nugget and go
    and it all makes sense.

    (although I am more than willing to say I make mistakes, but till I find them, sometimes it drives me naaaa-naaaa until I can either replicate, or prove the user wrong)
    Engineer's Motto: If it aint broke take it apart and fix it

    "If at 1st you don't succeed... call it version 1.0"

    "Half of Programming is coding"....."The other 90% is DEBUGGING"

    "Document my code????" .... "WHYYY??? do you think they call it CODE? "


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      Right Cliff,
      This one never happened on XP, happened a couple times on Vista, but then disappeared totally while we tried to isolate it. Finally it showed up on the W2K system solid.

      Well, I didn't have W2k, had no plans to get it, but at least the user was very cooperative and managed to get me a Dr.Watson report. 99% of which was total gobbledygook since basically seeing core dumps doesn't help much at the Powerbasic level. (Now back in my old mainframe Assembler days - no sweat)

      However a few dll function names did get me into part of my termination routines where I'm stuffing some data into the registry, and in following THAT code I spotted the DIALOGUE END and went "Hmmm, why is THAT here? And sure enough, it was a duplicate.

      Just a luck break.