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  • old fashion splash screen menu

    Anybody got an example of the DOS style splash screen menu (sometimes referred to as a "bounce bar" menu), where the user can sees a highlighting color change as the user scrolls through a splash screen menu?

    I am writing some business applications in PowerBasic for the first time, and the users I have really like the old DOS style splash screen application choice menu.

    If you're not familiar with that, see sort of what I mean when you click on this url, and pick the ELEGANT BLUE under the GENERAL SAMPLES under DHTML MENU HOME; although that is in a web page, the general function is close to what I am looking for in a PowerBuilder WIN 8 splash screen menu.

    Thanks ahead of time for your suggestions and feedback.

    Paul Newcum.

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    Is something cool supposed to happen when I click on "Elegant Blue?"

    All I get is a menu on the right hand side expanding itself. Is that all you want to do, paint something like that? If so, you can use a listbox control with some owner-drawn coloring. For that matter you can use a listview if you want 'instant' code you can use to color the lines....
    Simple Report Viewer Using Listview Control November 23, 2002; updated 5/30/05 to 'greenbar' file viewer
    Michael Mattias
    Tal Systems (retired)
    Port Washington WI USA
    [email protected]


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      Maybe we understand something different by "Splash screen"...

      By Splash screen, i picture the banner / Nag screen that is displayed
      to identify software.


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        You can do the same idea with a Graphic Window. You will need to track the mouse (examples in the forums in CC and Win), then compare with a list of hot spots representing each bar. When the mouse is detected over a bar, then change that area and redraw. When it moves off the bar, change to un-selected and select another as appropriate. The advantage is you can handle a more free style arrangement than a list control would offer.

        You can though do something nearly the same, as your linked example, with an owner drawn listbox or listview as Michael suggested.
        Rick Angell