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  • No Compile Information Shown At End

    Hi, there,

    On one of the computers that have PBDLL5 installed,
    the msgbox at the end of compile shows blank; no
    version number, line, compiled size, etc. This
    happened only on certain .bas files.

    The strange thing is that same .bas file compiled
    normally with all compile information shown on other

    The Update file has been installed on that computer.

    Please shine some light on this matter.



  • #2
    Are all of your files in the same directories on both computers? Perhaps there
    is a path problem. Are you compiling from within the IDE (PBEDIT.EXE) or using
    the compiler directly (PBDLL.EXE)? Are you sure there is enough disk space available
    and that you have "write" access to the destination directory?

    Tom Hanlin
    PowerBASIC Staff


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      The PBDLL5.0 were installed on the local PCs, while the
      source file *.bas was on a company network drive. There
      are more than enough disk space on both local and network
      drives. The compile were run from the IDE (PBEDIT.EXE).

      A separated problem is that ocassionally, we got an error
      "Stack overflow" when compile a source file of over 5000
      lines. What could be the possible reason for that?

      Thanks for the prompt response.

      Tianyi Zhai