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PBKDF2 (RFC2898) function

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  • PBKDF2 (RFC2898) function

    I've looked around the forum and have not seen anyone having implemented a version of the PBKDF2 function from RFC2898.

    In the form of
    PBKDF2(passphrase, ssid, 4096, 256), this function is the standard way all routers and applications compute the actual encryption authentication hex key used in wireless networks when using WPA (& WPA2) encryption. The hex key is derived in this standard way from the network SSID and the ASCII passphrase.

    Anyone know if a routine doing this has been posted, and I'm just not finding it? I'd really hate to reinvent the wheel.
    Michael Burns

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    Found a javascript version...

    The javascript in this web page computes what I want. So now it looks like translating its javascript to PowerBASIC is the task at hand...

    Always wonderful to delve into the subtleties of two languages different handling of variable types, looping, conditionals, bit-wise rotations, etc.
    Michael Burns


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      Code posted

      I posted my PB code of the previously mentioned javascript implementation at
      Michael Burns