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  • Custom Menu Solution? No Popup Menu

    I have a unique situation that quickly becomes a "Catch-22" of sorts.

    I have a program that is quickly becoming larger as new "Features" are added, but doing so, also increases stress on being "Menu-Driven". So I was hoping a healthy mix of menu's and dialogs would work out.

    My original attack on the problem was to make a MDI (in this case D = Dialog, and not Document) so that I do not have a bunch of separate dialogs floating around the screen, and could control from one parent. (but in that situation, each dialog could keep the menu's that pertained to that dialog)

    In a MDI situation, you can keep each dialog within the parent, but the parent Menu either changes, or enable/disable options (as necessary), but that becomes confusing to the end user (and me on the phone not seeing what they see on the screen, so I have to make my best guess from the info they give me)

    So I was hoping maybe a "Custom Menu" or something that looked and acts like a menu that each dialog could have its own menu, and still be in a "MDI" type of environment.

    This way, each tool has its own tools, and no confusion of what it is that you are currently working on.

    Confusing I know...but hopefully somehow possible?
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    You may consider a toolbar or similar control which pops up a custom popupmenu on click.

    I see i lost VB6 but you may want to take a peek to that menu?