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Fractional fonts ?

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    Fractional fonts ?

    Most of the font functions I've seen take integer for the font size. Is there a way to produce a fractional font like 8.5? Doesn't Word have that?

    Also, is there a nice looking monospaced font that is True Type?

    Bob Mechler

    Originally posted by BOB MECHLER View Post
    Also, is there a nice looking monospaced font that is True Type?
    Courier New is TT and monospaced, but I don't know if it qualify also as nice.

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      ... is there a nice looking monospaced font that is True Type?
      I really like Consolas, it's a new font in Windows Vista, you can download it here. You can set it as the console font too.


        New fonts...
        New troubles...

        Graphically maybe eye-candy, but what a pain if the user can not see it
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          Currently I'm allowing 3 dialog font/presentation size font combinations.
          Please don't laugh.
          Small Dialog font - Courier New 8 / Labels Ms Sans Serif 7
          Normal Dialog font - FixedSys / Labels Ms Sans Serif 10
          Large Dialog font - Courier New 13 / Labels Ms Sans Serif 12

          Textboxes use the Dialog font when they have focus and a slightly smaller Ms Sans Serif font when they don't have focus. The background color changes when they have focus also. The reason is to have a textbox of the exact length of the possible input because when the text inputted reaches the max length I auto move to the next field after formatting the text.

          These combinations were chosen after many other combinations because they got closest to giving me a 80x25 screen while filling about 65 80 and 92 per cent of the screen at 1024x768. None of these decisions were mine.

          Actually the Small and Normal look good to me. The Large is a concession to those who need their eyes checked. They were also decided on when there was only 640x480, 800x600. That of course is no longer the case. The Large set of fonts don't even work on an 800x600 screen.

          I'm pushing for a method that would make the screen have just two sizes, both of which should look good. One about 75% of the screen and the other a maximized window. The fonts should present a good looking font regardless of the underlying chosen Desktop resolution. That is why I want to auto-calculate the font to make it so regardless of screen resolution. Thus the fractional font question.

          The whole thing then gets more complicated when many of our customers have two monitors where the graphic cards don't support the same resolution on both screens. It's nuts really.

          I use GoToMeeing from Citrix to support customers if they have a problem or are upgrading etc. While upgrading each workstation I have seen a wide variety of combinations. Our small on a screen with extremely high resolution and our normal on an 800x600 where it is almost the same as maximized.

          I would be interested if anyone else tries to make their application appear the same size to the user regardless of the underlying resolution.

          Bob Mechler