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PB for Windows Mobile 5 smartphone?

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  • Petr Schreiber jr

    I would like to see PB for Windows Mobile, I already sent a request to the support for Windows CE 2.0

    In the meantime I successfully managed to program for WM 5.0 device using freeware Pelles C.
    It is not such a mammoth as MS eMbedded, it has very nice IDE, well integrated dialog editor ( simple but works ).

    The dark side is that I forgot C has a bit weird string handling, so it does not definitely give the comfort of PowerBASIC dynamic strings.

    Thats why I am waiting for mobile PB, before doing too much work for the mobile device using PellesC ( although lot of code could be portable, as long as sticking with "SDK" coding ).

    But you can try out PellesC in the meantime, it includes even sample for doing 3D graphics ( smooth!, via DirectX. Sadly did not find working header for OpenGL ES yet ).

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  • Fred Harris
    My understanding of the general technique for programming Windows CE devices (not sure about Windows Mobile, whatever the differences may be), is to use Microsoft's eMbedded toolset in conjunction with the specific software development kit for the specific device you want to program for. This latter is obtainable from the device manufacturer.


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  • Cliff Nichols
    I tried something like that with a PDA running Windows CE knowing the functions I was using were supposed to be the same on CE as it would be on any of the other Windows OS'es

    But when I tried, it came up as not being a valid program and refused to start. So my initial guess is no, not without the main app being written with Visual Studio......GRRRRRrrrrr M$ makes things soooo hard to do something simple

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  • Marco Pontello
    No way at the moment: different hardware, different OS, API, etc.
    Probably the only option is using a PC/DOS emulator (like PoketDOS) and so running programs compiled with PB-DOS.


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  • xu qiangbo
    started a topic PB for Windows Mobile 5 smartphone?

    PB for Windows Mobile 5 smartphone?

    Anyone know how to program for Windows Mobile 5 smartphone in PowerBasic?