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Debugging DLL's - Inline Hook Api

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    Debugging DLL's - Inline Hook Api

    I noticed Inline Hook Api in the source code forum, thinking it may be a was a possible way to debug a DLL that I did not write.

    Sad to say, my hopes were dashed, either because I did not get it (and I do not get it, except a messagebox saying I hooked or unhooked, and nothing to show me anything that I noticed)

    Has anyone tried it? or know what it is supposed to do? (Poster only posted code, and no description from what I can see??????)
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    Cliff, that's a small disassembler tool. I did not notice it before, but as far as I can see from the running code after correcting some small syntax bugs, it hooks into a DLL module function and disassembles it. Could be useful to find out the syntax of DLL function parameters of non exported functions.
    I just added it to one of my existing programs but have to end now, because we have 23:30.
    Norbert Doerre