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A million+ keystrokes

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  • Cliff Nichols
    Herre Herre, <Pounding of Beer Stein>

    The guys at PB and the support in the forum all deserve a round

    From simple concepts to extremely hard concepts, they got me covered.

    From unwashing the brainwashed (take it from a VB6 refugee) to the concepts of API, to Machine language, and all between, I am quickly learning..."If I have a problem, there is a solution to it"

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  • Eric Cochran
    Let's not forget all times they've hit Insert, Delete, Backspace and Return over the years trying to update, fix and maintain that monster. I guess also, let's hope there was a fair bit of Ctrl+C, Ctrl+X and Ctrl+V going on. They save me a ton of work even on my modestly-sized source files.

    "PowerBASIC Appreciation Day," anybody?

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  • Fred Harris
    Yes. I've done a pile of rooting around in there and am forever grateful for it!

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  • Rodney Hicks
    started a topic A million+ keystrokes

    A million+ keystrokes

    Someone did an awful lot of work for us.

    Two surprises for me in this:
    1. That the letter 'e' is the second most used keystroke. 'E' and 'e' combine for over 100,000 keystrokes.
    2. That the caret '^' is not used.