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  • Icons in the system tray

    Hi all,

    I'm finding that my 16x16 icon is not being faithfully rendered
    by Windows in the system tray. Windows seems to be doing some
    sort of colour 'averaging', with the result that the icon looks,
    well, not right.

    I've verified that the image being displayed in the system tray
    is actually 16x16 - it's just that the pixels are not precisely
    the same as in the icon definition. The correct icon pattern is,
    however, shown in an application window and also in a task bar
    'minimised' icon.

    I've experimented with other 16x16 icons, and some seem to escape
    this 'averaging' and are rendered faithfully in the tray. I've
    searched all my references, and can only find scant info about
    the system tray - certainly nothing of use here.

    Can anyone shed any light on this ?

    Thanks -


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    Is icon true color ? If so, try 256c or 16c.

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      The icon is 16-colour.

      I'm creating the app dialog with WNDCLASSEX, and have 2 x 16-colour icons available -

      Icon A : the main application icon, containing 32x32 image + 16x16 image

      Icon B : has a 16x16 image identical to the one in icon A

      In the app dialog, what I find is -

      a. if I assign icon A to WNDCLASSEX.hIconSm, it displays a bad 16x16 image,
      which is surprising, since icon A contains a valid 16x16 image

      b. if I assign icon B to WNDCLASSEX.hIconSm, it displays the 16x16 image,
      but it definitely looks 'blurred'

      c. if I don't assign anything to WNDCLASSEX.hIconSm, the dialog takes the 16x16
      image from icon A, and renders it correctly.


      In the system tray, what I find is -

      a. if I use icon A, it uses the 32x32 image and renders it horribly

      b. if I use icon B, it renders the image with the 'averaging' effect I mentioned
      initially - it looks approximately correct, but compared to the Windows icons
      already in the tray, it looks goofy.

      Other information -

      In Windows Explorer, the 16x16 icon is rendered correctly. I've tried substituting
      a different 16x16 icon (one with a series of concentric blue squares) and it
      show perfectly in the tray.
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        Paul --
        Can you post somehow the icons (for example, using Edwin's BinBas) ?

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          Thanks Semen, arriving by e-mail shortly. I'm just taking the code out of the project, and putting a simple demo together for you.

          Cheers -
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