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Read/Export Certificate Store in HEX

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  • Read/Export Certificate Store in HEX

    I'd just as soon find a tool to do this task but here's what I"m doing.

    I launch the MMC - I clean all certs out of my machine, all roots all intermediates - GONE.
    I run a US Navy tool to import all the roots/Intermediate certificates to populate my computer with DOD certs.

    Now I want to export ALL of those into one base64 file for use on a Linux/Apache setup.......a crbundle file.

    A) Would rather find a tool that can export all certs into hex/base64 format - I could manually paste them all into one file.

    B) if not I would like to know how to go about accessing the Crypto API to do such a task.

    Anyone done anything like this?

    Scott Turchin
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