I have no complaints about PBForms, in fact it's rather good for RAD work. However, either I've missed something - I would like that to be the case - or the generated code needs to be modified by hand for MODELESS use, not forgetting to move any fonts created in the dialog definition to the WM_DESTROY handler of the callback routine. This one had me foxed for, er, many minutes, because I had remembered to do it in one tab but not in another, so that the font just didn't seem to "take" in the offending tab.

Given that PBForms is just as good for laying out MODELESS as MODAL dialogs, a "MODELESS" checkbox would be a nice addition. Equally, a higher level of integration of TAB controls and child dialogs would be nice too, both for developers who need to save time, and for developers who need "a result" without needing to know how to code it.