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Testing gridview..

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    Testing gridview..

    Can someone check out the gridview control i wrote?

    Not all functionality is added yet.
    Also a virtual grid is something i want to implement.

    Maybe some small problems occure on different PC's?



    Really nice work, Edwin. Only thing I react on: When dragging mouse sideways,
    selection doesn't follow, only up and down. Also, consider sending a custom
    message to parent when selection changes, like a LBGN_SELCELL or something,
    that sends row and column directly. That way, it becomes easier to use
    LBG_GETCELLRECT to place an edit control or whatever in selected cell.

    Other thoughts: why not make separate INC files for the controls? Many PB'ers
    have this obsession of "one code - one exe" and there's some really cool stuff
    you have created there. In any event, you deserve a huge THANK YOU from the
    entire PB community for sharing your hard work for free like this. Thumbs up,
    for you, Edwin.

    BTW, a Virtual Grid is exactly what I have here right know. Almost done and
    with lots of features. A far better and more advanced one than the simple
    Virtual List I once posted. Think it has almost commercial quality this time.
    If things goes well, it may become ready to be posted within the next couple
    of days..




      Thanks for your kind words!

      The control is in a prim. stage yet.
      The drag as you mention is indeed a problem i think.

      Notifications, yes of course.
      While a listview uses the wm_notify, i was think of the wm_command.

      Edit? on my wishlist too.
      I have spread, the problem with this one is vcenter alignment
      Edit <> view, i want to do this better.

      A listview is easy to configure to a virtual.
      ...NODATA style.

      An example will become available if i can mix this with the current one.

      Splitting it up, one of my reasons was that it's more easy to maintain for me.
      As user, if i was depending on the dll i rather would like 1 dll instead of 10 PBSctrls.
      (Or do you want different INC's only?? that would be handy for me too)

      Imagne commctrl split up, do you want that?

      Btw, let's not be competators (in mind).
      I WANT to write the virtual part too.
      No hard feelings i hope..

      And, i'm sure yours will be much faster anyway..



        Personally, I like separate INC files, because then it's easy to use
        the custom controls in any program and still be able to compile to
        stand-alone exe. A DLL is good enough too, but like many others here,
        I have this obsession of one code, one exe. Also, separate INC files
        are easier to maintain and add to, IMHO.

        As for notifications - in the VGlist I have here, I send separate
        %VLBP_COLUMNCLICKED and %VLBP_LINECLICKED messages directly to parent,
        where wParam holds the value. This enables much easier use of the
        control from within its parent.

        Competition. Nah, I'm not much of a competitor, which is why I try to
        share my work as much as I can. If anyone can benefit, I'm only glad.
        If anyone finds and reports bugs in my code, I'm even glader, because
        I usually learn so much from that..



          Didn't you acc. test the LBGrid wich resides in the TEST.exe ?
          This one is able to scroll by mouse, the GridView control does not scroll using the mouse on an item.

          The one i spoke about is the GridView exe and bas

          Sending messages to the parent using your way is what Spread does too.
          I don't like it that much maybe i should reconsider.

          If you send down an asciiz for instance, you are responsible to maintain during the WM cycle.
          If i send a notify, the user is responsible for it's own buffer.
          (Fill in my buffer please...)
          This is what all api's doing.

          I'll still think this over..



            A quick implementation of an edit control is now available.



              Edwin, I had a chance to test it out. Very nice set of controls!
              I especially like the Treeview/listview Explorer like control I think
              I can use that with my HexEditor program. Is source available for this
              control? I would like to adapt source so I can include it in my main exe.

              mailto:[email protected][email protected]</A>


                Source will not be public.
                There IS a callback for the explorer listview.
                There you have the chance to interact. (fully i hope)

                BFF is available as source on my site.