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ListView/ListBox/Grid Drag and Drop List Items

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  • ListView/ListBox/Grid Drag and Drop List Items

    I have seen, and helped a few others with previous questions about ListView/ListBox/Grid type ideas and drag and drop concepts, but wouldn't you know it???? The one time I have to go back and look at what I had (I KNOW I put it someplace safe so I would not lose it...and wouldn't you know I lost it?????

    What I would like is to Drag N Drop Items, and Edit these items as needed but would hate to have to start over, and have searched the forums, and Jose Roca's site, and about to head off to POFF's and PB Tools, cause I [b]KNOW[b] its here somewhere.

    My gut is telling me its under "Owner Drawn ListBox" but no luck yet, so I was hoping if anyone can help me I would appreciate it.