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    I am using

    SHELL("C:\Reader\AcroRD32.exe /t" +lOpenFile,6)

    which works great to open and print a pdf. How do I get it to close the pdf? Can anyone offer insight?

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    How about this:

    If Acrobat is installed, it should print the document in lOpenFile (just like in Explorer - right click on PDF > Print) | Slam DBMS | PrpT Control | Other Downloads | Contact Me


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      That closed the document, but Adobe still stays open. Half way there! Thank you for that advice!


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        Originally posted by Katherine Lepley View Post
        That closed the document
        /t used to do the trick until Acrobat Reader 8. The short answer is I don't know, but here's a fascinating link - look for the post by Skyter, who includes C source code. His (male gender imputing all others) approach is to send the application a WM_CLOSE message.

        I should have added - the C code could no doubt be translated to PB.
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          I didn't see the link available?


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            Originally posted by Katherine Lepley View Post
            I didn't see the link available?
            Ah, just testing... link inserted!


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              Thank you! I will check out the link!


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                Originally posted by Katherine Lepley View Post
                Thank you! I will check out the link!
                Oh dear. I just followed the link from Skyter's post to his source code and it 404'd. Sorry! Looking on the bright side, a) it's a handy forum for PDF problems, and b) Skyter did at least identify an approach, which should be testable using PB.


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                  source code for app which kills Adobe Reader included

                  OK. Here's some code by Ryan Mott which uses code by Eros Olmi which.. oh, never mind! The main thing is, it now compiles under PBWin 8.04 and kills one process whose title inlcudes "Adobe Reader". I'm sure you can adapt it.

                  #COMPILE EXE
                  #DIM ALL
                  #INCLUDE ""
                  ' The following functions were adapted from a post by
                  ' Eros Olmi on the PowerBasic Forum (11/08/02)
                  TYPE WinInfoType
                      WinTitle AS STRING * 256
                      WinHandle AS LONG
                  END TYPE
                  GLOBAL gWinList() AS WinInfoType
                  GLOBAL gWinListPos AS LONG
                  FUNCTION FindWindowByTitle(BYVAL lMethod AS STRING, BYVAL lTitle AS STRING) AS LONG
                      DIM Count AS LONG
                      gWinListPos = 0
                      EnumWindows CODEPTR(EnumWindowsProc), 0
                      lMethod = UCASE$(lMethod)
                      lTitle = UCASE$(lTitle)
                      FOR Count = 1 TO gWinListPos
                          IF IsWindowVisible(gWinList(Count).WinHandle) = 1 THEN
                               IF INSTR(lMethod, "START WITH") THEN
                                  IF UCASE$(LEFT$(gWinList(Count).WinTitle, LEN(lTitle))) = lTitle THEN
                                      FUNCTION = gWinList(Count).WinHandle
                                      EXIT FOR
                                  END IF
                              END IF
                               IF INSTR(lMethod, "CONTAIN") THEN
                                  IF INSTR(UCASE$(gWinList(Count).WinTitle), lTitle) THEN
                                      FUNCTION = gWinList(Count).WinHandle
                                      EXIT FOR
                                  END IF
                              END IF
                               IF INSTR(lMethod, "END WITH") THEN
                                  IF UCASE$(RIGHT$(gWinList(Count).WinTitle, LEN(lTitle))) = lTitle THEN
                                      FUNCTION = gWinList(Count).WinHandle
                                      EXIT FOR
                                  END IF
                              END IF
                           END IF
                      NEXT Count
                  END FUNCTION
                  FUNCTION EnumWindowsProc(BYVAL lHandle AS LONG, BYVAL lNotUsed AS LONG) AS LONG
                      DIM wTitle AS STRING
                      DIM lPos AS LONG
                      wTitle = STRING$(256,0)
                      GetWindowText lHandle, BYVAL STRPTR(wTitle), 256
                      wTitle = EXTRACT$(wTitle, CHR$(0))
                      IF LEN(wTitle) THEN
                          INCR gWinListPos
                          REDIM PRESERVE gWinList(gWinListPos)
                          gWinList(gWinListPos).WinTitle = wTitle
                          gWinList(gWinListPos).WinHandle = lHandle
                      END IF
                      FUNCTION = 1
                  END FUNCTION
                  FUNCTION PBMAIN () AS LONG
                      LOCAL winTitle AS LONG
                      winTitle = FindWindowByTitle("CONTAIN", "Adobe Reader")
                      IF winTitle = 0 THEN
                          ? "Window not found."
                          SendMessage winTitle, %WM_SYSCOMMAND, %SC_CLOSE, 0
                          ? "Window closed."
                      END IF
                      ? "Finished."
                  END FUNCTION


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                    Thank you for the code. I will look at it and see what I can do with it. I am still learning, but I enjoy the challenges! I'll let you know what I come up with!


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                      FindWindowByTitle() is the wrong approach for this, since the title can change based on metadata in the PDF. Here's the correct approach, though you'll need to check for class "AcrobatSDIWindow" in addition to "AdobeAcrobat" for version 8 of Reader/Acrobat. Who knows if they will change the classname again in the upcoming version 9.



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                        You could try...
                        • Find the executable which opens files of extension 'PDF' (use FindExecutable() WInAPI function)
                        • Execute with ShellExecuteEx or CreateProcess (print parameters) gives you process and thread handles
                        • EnumThreadWindows on that process; if no parent it must be main window
                        • Post a WM_CLOSE to that window.

                        No promises, but it is worth a try to someone who "needs" to do this.
                        Michael Mattias
                        Tal Systems (retired)
                        Port Washington WI USA
                        [email protected]