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v7.04 to v8.04??

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  • v7.04 to v8.04??

    I currently use PBWin v7.04 and about to sell some source code. The buyer will be purchasing PBWin v8.04. Will it compile okay without modification? Would a buyer of PBWin v8.04 be able to obtain v7.04? Thanks.
    Brent Boshart

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    There's no way to tell with certainty until you try it. The vast majority of the code will be just fine, but there's always the possibility of an identifier clash with a new reserved word. If any changes are needed, they should be minor.

    Bob Zale
    PowerBASIC Inc.


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      Only changes I saw were minor conflicts with new Keywords, and adding the word "BYVAL" to pointers being passed.

      Beyond that nothing that a few minutes of "Compile and Run" and the compiler find an error for me couldn't fix.

      All should be good
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