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  • Undefined label no

    OK you Gurus

    Our Power Basic 2.0 compiled program is 206K

    when compiled one PC on the network gives a message box which
    stated 'Undefined Label No 20' when loading. Running in the IDE
    on the same PC works no problem, only the EXE gives errors.

    Clicking OK the program recovers and then eventually it gives
    another different Undefined label error. It always recovers.

    The executable sits on the network so is the same for all users.

    Only one PC gives this problem. All PCs have the same Intel CA810E
    Board and all have Intel 800 MHZ processor.

    I presume it has to be hardware timing that causes the problem.

    Our worry is that we are building software for the future.

    Nobody else seems to have this strange happening, certainly no
    results on a search for Undefined label.

    What is happening here, this PC seem 100% OK with all other


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    "No 20" might be an entry point (label) of an imported function needed and not found on the second PC.

    That is, there might be a DLL missing or not on the correct path.

    Michael Mattias
    Tal Systems (retired)
    Port Washington WI USA
    [email protected]


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      Thanks Michael but if it was as simple as that it would not work
      in the IDE on the same PC.



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        That is not a message generated by PowerBASIC. Look for another source.

        Bob Zale
        PowerBASIC Inc.



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          Thanks Bob an Michael.

          Yes it is simple. The message mox title stated PowerBASIC.
          This made me assume it came from PB.

          This PC did not have the latest source so in the IDE it worked.

          The problem was we moved our DLLs from SYSTEM to SYSTEM32.

          On this PC there was still an old DLL in SYSTEM.

          Presumably Windows 98 in its search for DLLs loads a DLL and if
          it errors continues the search, hence the recovery.

          Strange that during the execution of the program it can also
          relink a DLL during execution, error, and then relink and recover.

          Obviously my knowledge of Windows leaves a lot to be desired.

          A problem with being an old DOSser.

          Thank you Bob, Bill Gates NEVER mails me with VB problems.

          Kind regards, problem solved and subject closed.



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            If I make an exe with only this in it:

            Msgbox "Scott wuz here"

            It will display a message box saying "PowerBasic" on the title, and "Scott Wuz here" in the message, with one OK button.

            Therefore it MUST be in your code but something SPECIFIC to that machine is drawing that msgbox out....

            Or, as someone mentioned that PC may have a strange DLL that is not the same as the other PC's...

            First thing you COULD do is re-apply any SP it may need, be it WIn98 or NT or Win2k, apply the latest SP and see if problem goes away...

            It must be something in the EXE, but specific to that computer and it may NOT be a Msgbox that YOU put in the code...

            Isn't there two DLL's that are ALWAYS on teh OS that PB Uses? Seems I recall seeing something like that....typical ComDLg32.dlls' etc....


            Scott Turchin
            MCSE, MCP+I
            True Karate-do is this: that in daily life, one's mind and body be trained and developed in a spirit of humility; and that in critical times, one be devoted utterly to the cause of justice. -Gichin Funakoshi