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.BI files?

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  • .BI files?

    PBedit lists BAS, BI and INC files as source files. What is a BI file?
    Never seen that format myself, but since the editor lists it, it must
    exist, or? Anyone ever used that format and if so, what kind of file
    is it? Binary? Binary what?

    Also, .H files are listed as resurce files, but in my mind, H stands
    for "header", that is, a sort of include file for resource files.
    Many confusing things in PBedit. Too bad no help ever has been released
    for it..


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    My guess it means "BASIC Include" file.

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      I believe that the .BI extension was a suggested extension offered by
      Microsoft QuickBasic for 'include' files. I always thought that BI stood
      for "Basic Include" files.



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        Thanks fellows. Your answers led me to MSDN, where I could find some
        information that supports this. Seems like .BI is ordinary text based
        include files for old DOS compilers. Guess that's why it's been added
        to PBedit's file list..



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          BI files are also used for the PB-Dos compiler, I assume they wanted the editor to be
          PB-dos friendly so to speak ??

          (May the source be with you).
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            Like Charles, my understanding is that the .BI extension was a Microsoft DOS Basic thing, commonly used in the "commented include" metastatements: 'INCLUDE "" (or something like that!), and PB just supports that file extension type for historical purposes.

            Essentially, a .BI file serves the same purpose as a .BAS or a .INC file.

            And yes, the .H file extension is used to indicate a 'header' file, typically used as a #include (case sensitive) for .RC and .DLG files. Again, this is probably a historical Microsoft thing. Possibly the RC.HLP file may contain information on this (I'm not at my DEV PC to check), but it is of no serious consequence.

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              ..and PB just supports that file extension type [ *.BI ]for historical purposes..
              Or marketing purposes. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but let's be honest here. The installed base of Brand-M BASIC users has been, is, and probably will remain an explicit target market for PowerBASIC, Inc.


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