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  • cpu useage

    My modeless main program under Vista uses almost 60% cpu when i just open the program and it is just sitting there waiting for some instructions. Also, i noticed that some menus when the mouse is moved around while the operations in the menu are processing (geophysical data) will slow down everything signficantly.

    Is there anyway to have the cpu not being used when the program is just waiting? Does the modeless dialog loop understand this, or is it better to have a modal loop.
    Why is the mouse influencing opearational speed under Vista so much... Thanks for any help

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    Is this a DDT MODELESS loop?

    If so, I would imagine that your DIALOG DOEVENTS statement needs to be changed slightly:
    Adam Drake
    Drake Software


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      Wow, Adam thanks for reposting Bob's recommendation... I did that and it works...

      No to put that into about 60 other menus and dialogs....thank you very very much...