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How can I prevent a dialog from appearing in the taskbar?

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    How can I prevent a dialog from appearing in the taskbar?

    I just wrote a little utility program for myself that I had previously written in Emergence Basic. Even though this is a rewrite, they both work pretty much the same way. For some reason the Ebasic version doesn't put anything on the taskbar, which is nice because it's not needed and the program runs most of the time. It's basically a lot of buttons in a very small dialog that, when clicked, open explorer in various places on my home network.

    Is there some way to prevent this from taking a place on the taskbar while running? I have no idea why the Ebasic program doesn't. I hadn't really intended that but I was glad it didn't and I'd like to do the same thing here.

    Here's the PB 8.04 dialog statement:

    DIALOG NEW PIXELS, 0, "QuickLink", 1120,0, 275,145, %WS_POPUP, TO hDlg

    This is the statement that creates the dialog in Ebasic:

    OPENWINDOW win,1260,10,130,220,@TOOLWINDOW,0,"NetLink",&WinHandler

    They're pretty much the same thing except that I'm making this a popup instead of a tool window to avoid the caption. I tried making it a toolwindow but it was still on the taskbar.

    Thanks for any suggestions.

    And while you're at it, why is this Windows programming so obscure?


    Use %WS_EX_TOOLWINDOW in extended style.
    Exactly like in your EBasic sample.


      I had tried that and it didn't work but since you seemed sure I tried it again. You're right!

      What I had done the first time was to put %WS_EX_TOOLWINDOW in the place of %WS_POPUP instead of in the area for extended params. Oh well!

      Thanks for your help.