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Commercial PB Applications - Have you made one?

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  • Commercial PB Applications - Have you made one?

    Hi All,

    It would be nice to have an overwiev of commercial applications
    created with PB. Just to see what this splendid compiler can do.


    I work in R&D so I have nothing to show on this subject.
    Maybe one of these days...

    [email protected]

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    This topic has been visited on this BBS a few times before.

    I've written quite a number of GUI apps with PB/DLL and an even larger number with PB/DOS. Most of them are custom/proprietary apps for contract clients. For example, a wizard-style color real-estate flyer printing/generation tool; apps to control automated industrial inkjet printers on production line equipment (they don't look anything like a normal printer, and they print directly onto 'product' on an assembly line). I've also written a complete custom barcode-driven plant control system that controls a large private manufacturing site, with 'live' reporting and analysis features, etc).

    I often work as a contract applications programmer, but I do have two commercial apps that can be seen and trialed: DOSPRINT and DLLPRINT (see for a fully functional demo). I also have a custom control called RESIZE32 (although I don't have this up on a web site at the moment).

    There are numerous apps around, written by other PB programmers too. For example:

    * Patrice's Winlift library and Zap Solutions image viewer -

    * Chris Boss's EZGUI visual designer.

    * Various apps & utilities on Dave Navarro's site from several authors, including Dave Navarro and Don Dickinson.

    * James Fuller's PBWINADP IDE and other projects (I think this was a 16-bit app written with PB/DLL 2.0)

    * Various text editors, visual designers, resouce/DDT converters and IDE's mentioned in the 3rd-party Forum over the past year or so. Tom Hanlin has posted a few links to other commercial apps written with PowerBASIC.

    * There have been mention here of a number of Web E-commerce sites powered by CGI and ISAPI apps written in PowerBASIC.

    And lots more besides... these ones are off the top of my head so the URL's may not be 100%.

    PowerBASIC Support
    mailto:[email protected][email protected]</A>
    mailto:[email protected]


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      Most of my apps are custom apps written for my clients however
      I'm just finishing a commercial app which is in testing at
      the moment (no offical URL yet). I started this project early last
      year, it represents about 35000+ lines of PB code.

      It's a web application framework (server and libraries) - the
      first application for it (which is in testing) is an extensible
      (plugins) knowledge management system/forum with a database
      backend using ODBC. It's got a lot of features (and it's fast)
      - as soon as the testing is over, I'll post a link to it so you can
      have a look at it.





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        You would be surprised at the number of Commercial apps being
        produced by EZGUI users using PB DLL and EZGUI.

        A number of my customers are producing commercial apps that they
        are marketing !

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        Chris Boss
        Computer Workshop
        Developer of "EZGUI"


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          I've written many commercial products. Again mostly contract
          applications for small firms in the local area. My coolest
          contract was to write an automated Time Clock with touch screen
          and barcoded badges. I also verified per "workcenter" labor
          tracking to present to management why the OVAR reports were so
          high. This project took about 2 months to complete and is now
          a massive program with VB and PB/DLL used for the back end such
          as extracting information from there MRP package via ODBC.

          I use PB/CC to write network monitoring utilities and the
          biggest thing lately is parsing canned ASCII reports and
          entering them automatically in a database.

          I also do Circuit Board testing design. I wrote a PB/DLL app to
          communicate to an IOTech DBK203 Digital Board. Which turns on
          voltage to 16 circuit boards. This program then uses an Analog
          board also provided by IOTech to read accurate voltage readings
          from the motors. This was my biggest project and took about 2
          months to complete with the programming. I was on a team of 2
          other engineers.

          Keeping all this in mind I now work full time for this company


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          [email protected]


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            A Satellite Tracking system for amateur telescopes is written with PBDLL6.0

            Is also in use at the NASA Glenn Research Center and many public observatories around the world.


            Brent Boshart


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              I'm putting the finishing touches on a non-linear editor for
              Television stations and a Network delay systems. Both are "ports"
              of my Dos products.

              Russ Srole

              "There are two novels that can change a bookish fourteen-year old's life: The Lord of the Rings and Atlas Shrugged. One is a childish fantasy that often engenders a lifelong obsession with its unbelievable heroes, leading to an emotionally stunted, socially crippled adulthood, unable to deal with the real world. The other, of course, involves orcs." - John Rogers


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                I neglected to mention that I'm using Ezgui and Perfect Sync's
                graphics toolkit in a addition the PBDLL 6.0. Without those two,
                I would have not been able to do my stuff.

                Russ Srole

                "There are two novels that can change a bookish fourteen-year old's life: The Lord of the Rings and Atlas Shrugged. One is a childish fantasy that often engenders a lifelong obsession with its unbelievable heroes, leading to an emotionally stunted, socially crippled adulthood, unable to deal with the real world. The other, of course, involves orcs." - John Rogers


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                  Russ --

                  Well, Graphics Tools (and all of Perfect Sync's other tools, for that matter) were written using PB/DLL, so your application really is 100% PowerBASIC!

                  -- Eric

                  Perfect Sync Development Tools
                  Perfect Sync Web Site
                  Contact Us: mailto:[email protected][email protected]</A>
                  "Not my circus, not my monkeys."


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                    Here's a PB app whose results get noticed!

                    About half the traffic signs in the UK are designed with my SignPlot
                    system, sold by Buchanan Computing. (The other half are designed
                    using AutoCAD.) SignPlot started about 13 years ago as a TurboBasic
                    program, and is now available in PD DOS and PB/DLL60 versions.

                    Details on

                    Regards, Simon



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                      Winlog for Windows 2000,

                      I am working on an updated version of TNGMP3, a CGI app to display files of one specific extention, with highly modifiable table colors etc...
                      Few more bugs to work out in the hmtl version and to finish the GUI interface for configuring it and it's out the door.

                      I also wrote an app for the SNA/3270 world called BITSWAP because it was too much hassle to do it manually.
                      I turned it over to Attachmate and someone there still has it, but no went bye bye when they formatted my machine without looking at it *Grin* (Good thing I kept a copy!)...

                      All in all, a lot of utilities, small utilities to do various things..
                      WInlog is getting noticed here and there, but I find that the majority of all of my customers, including back in PBDOS days are in the UK, why is that?

                      American's don't pay? hehe.


                      Scott Turchin
                      MCSE, MCP+I
                      True Karate-do is this: that in daily life, one's mind and body be trained and developed in a spirit of humility; and that in critical times, one be devoted utterly to the cause of justice. -Gichin Funakoshi


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                        I've written a soon to be commercial Role Playing Game Maker. Its
                        similar to Diablo, BaulderGates..

                        It's written in VB3 (for MDI forms etc.) and PowerBasic 2.0


                        Explorations v3.0 RPG Development System
                        Explorations v9.10 RPG Development System


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                          Hi all,

                          I have written a commercial draughts (checkers) playing program
                          called Wyllie. Although it is a fully graphic Windows app, I wrote
                          it entirely with PBCC 2.00, using the .exe patcher that has been
                          posted here before to suppress the console and putting in my own
                          Windows GUI. The program has beaten the US, UK and World champions
                          in real time internet play and drawn with the World mailplay champion
                          in an e-mail match last year. It is currantly engaged in another
                          e-mail match with him. The exe is about a third of a megabyte in
                          size, but the program comes with huge endgame databases for some of the
                          7-piece endings (other checker-playing programs only have the 6-piece
                          databases released by the chinook team). These extra databases were
                          generated on my home PC using an program I wrote in - yes you guessed
                          it - PBCC! There is lots of info about Wyllie Draughts, and checkers
                          in general, at my web site




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                            I have my windows version of Client Writeup for CPAs running.
                            Completely written in PB/dll and PB/cc. I also use Perfect
                            Sync Contools+Graphics and Lance's dllprint.

                            Demo is here.

                            1 of several sites.


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                            Client Writeup for the CPA


                            Links Page


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                              I'm finishing off two shareware products,

                              IArc: DBCS / Unicode Internation File archiver and backup utility (with compression and encryption),
                              NetUserAdd: Asnyc, Connectionless NT Domain admin for users and administrators,

                              Coming from a VB background PB is a wet dream (minus unicode, but I'm pretty much around that)

                              Paul Dwyer
                              Network Engineer
                              Aussie in Tokyo


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                                The code that runs our latest instrument is written entirely in PowerBASIC 3.5. (It's an embedded PC104 computer running DOS.) This program is responsible for real-time data acquisition and logging, has a graphical user interface, and also monitors the internal status of the sensor and equipment.

                                The utilities that we ship along with it, to allow the customer to get data in and out of it via their laptop's serial port, were written in PB/DLL 6.



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                                  I have four commercial programs written for the agricultural
                                  industry. The most successful and most complicated is the Piece
                                  Work payroll. This program will track Salaried, Hourly and Piece
                                  work agricultural Employees Pay. Both piecework units, hours and
                                  dollars are tracked in 6 or 12 Departments. The program includes
                                  tracking Pay by 8 Workman’s compensation insurance codes and then
                                  calculating the premiums based on the total amount of payroll for
                                  each code. Any overtime pay, minimum wage adjustment, vacation and
                                  sick pay is tracked and excluded from premiums due. You can use
                                  up to seven different pay rates for work units during each pay period
                                  for each employee. The check stubs will show the rate and number
                                  of units and the amount paid for each rate. The Program will handle
                                  401k deductions for selected or all employees where needed. The
                                  Program will track data by crew number, social security number and
                                  employee number. Crews 1 to 899 for W2 employees -- Crews 900 to
                                  999 for 1099 or no payroll taxes contractors or companies. Extensive
                                  use of hot keys is used to speed up data input and editing

                                  The program was written in PB/Dll and uses Ddoc for preview/ printing
                                  of Checks, W-2 forms and various reports..Other third party tools are
                                  Helllp for generating help files and Inf-tools for an install program.
                                  The total cost of PB/DLL 6.0 and the third party tools cost about
                                  10% of what one client pays for one application. Thats what I call a real



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                                    Most of the programming I've done since leaving PowerBASIC has been web related (CGI and ISAPI apps for web sites).

                                    Our biggest job so far is "Cisco E-Learning" on the Cisco web site. The "online classes" system for the Cisco Learning Institute uses XML databases and XSL style-sheets created by PB/CC and PB/DLL applications. Over 400,000 data files so far and still running.

                                    One of my contracts was writing a "dialer" program for a national ISP. It's a small .exe written in PB/DLL that finds the closest local dialup access number to your location out of an internal database (works in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, Portugal, Sweden, and Brazil). It's been distributed to over 250,000 users worldwide. An upcoming version (written in 100% PB/DLL with WINAPI calls and no external DLLs) supports streaming MP3 audio (for local news reports) and an IMAP compatible email client. We're in beta testing now.

                                    Our latest contract is with the National Marine Weather Data Center in Miami. We're writing applications to retrieve realtime marine weather data and provide access to it via WAP/WML. All of the server side code is being written in PB/CC and probably SQL Tools. Unfortunately, PowerBASIC doesn't have a WAP or PALM compatible compiler, so we're having to use other compilers for the client side tools.


                                    Home of the BASIC Gurus
                                    Home of the BASIC Gurus


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                                      We're working on a new application called AiSE. AiSE can handle natural language and provide an answer. So no keywords, no hit list; just a plane question and answer. It can handle synonyms, different question formats that are basically the same (e.g., how expensive is X or how much does X cost), some context over sentences. In the near future we will be integrating decision trees (call center scripts) which will bring the application closer to having a real conversation.
                                      So it's a combination of techniques: ASP for the website, calling a ActiveX component, calling a set of 10 PB Dll's, using SQL Tools to look up the answer in the SQL Server database.

                                      We've sold and implemented our first project to a energy company in the Netherlands who use it as a virtual call center. It's still a first version but it works. Still got a lot to learn.
                                      So check it out in a week or so on (Dutch version only! English and German will be on the list next year).

                                      Jeroen Brouwers

                                      BCD B.V.



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                                        My current freeware project,

                                        BCX -- The Free BASIC To C Translator

                                        is written entirely in PBDOS. It is a close
                                        clone of PBDLL5.0 in syntax and, in fact, several
                                        of the BCX samples started life on this website.

                                        It has been downloaded tens of thousands of times
                                        and has an active users newsgroup on Yahoo.

                                        Much of BCX was modeled after PowerBasic lending
                                        credence to the saying that imitation is the
                                        sincerest form of flattery.

                                        My earlier project ...

                                        BASM -- The BASIC To 80286 Assembly Language Translator

                                        also continues to be a popular download.