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FRM2DDT - VB Form to DDT PBDLL bas convertor

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  • FRM2DDT - VB Form to DDT PBDLL bas convertor

    ive just posted a tool im building for myself in the source code forum:
    ive used the vb ide for as long as i've been programming seriously, and i love it - its a real time-saver when it comes to quickly cooking up good-looking forms, so i've always wanted to use it to create my ddt dialogs for pbdll - finally now i can. she's tiny at just 23040 bytes compiled but at the moment it does mostly everything i need it to do, but i'll continue updating this.
    all feedback, comments, criticisms etc welcome


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    JFYI, there are a couple of tools along these lines... see and look for VB_DDT.ZIP and DDT4VBPR.ZIP.

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      Thanks Lance, I'd tried them both but I didn't have as much luck with either of them as I was hoping - even though they are very good tools, much better and more advanced than mine. So thats why im building FRM2DDT - just for myself. It creates code that should almost always be compileable on the first go, and in the code style of my choice - the style I find smallest and easiest to understand.

      Peter Redei wrote in Source Code forum:
      Congratulations! This is an excellent idea, and it actually did the translation the first time I tried it. So far (after 5 minutes) I discovered two problems:
      1. Listboxes are translated with a empty string as placeholder where the optional array should be
      2. The Menu Add String translates as CONTROL ADD MENU.
      Peter Redei
      Thanks for the positive feedback Peter, it gives me a bit more incentive to keep building it
      I haven't added support for the .List property yet, but that's definately on the cards for the next update. Menu support will come a bit later, I didn't initially have them in mind for this but it should be easy enough to incorporate - I'll see what I can do.
      One quirk I've noticed is that when you have controls inside a frame on your VB form, their .Top and .Left properties are calculated by VB from the Frame, not the Form. This will cause those controls to be at abnormal positions. The easy workaround: Select and cut the controls out of the frame, then paste them onto the form - you can then move them into the same position over the frame, but they will no longer be inside it, and as such FRM2DDT will be able to calculate the positions correctly.

      If anybody using FRM2DDT feels like modifying/adding code, feel free to post here, I can use all the help I can get as spare time is hard to come by!