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PB and Trade Station's tskit.dll

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  • PB and Trade Station's tskit.dll

    I have been attempting to use a very simple sample demo ( that I downloaded from either the PB forum or the Trade Station forum (can’t remember). The demo is designed to illustrate the usage of PB to write DLLs that interface to the TS tskit.dll. Everything compiles, loads and works for a short while then TS starts reporting errors.
    I have striped it down to as simple as I could which has not fixed the problem. I have searched the Trade Station forum and have come across several threads indicating that there is a problem using PB > 7.00 with Trade Station.

    The following (in bold) are two quotes from 2005 from the TS forum:

    I am currently working with PowerBasic to correct the (Variant as an option) problem.
    So, No I don't believe you made a mistake, the problem will get worked out.
    I do support PB for TS DLL's. It is fast and very easy to produce good dll's from that package.
    I just wanted others to be informed that a problem exists.
    If you are just writing dll's with PB that doesn't use COM then it will work perfectly.
    For 99% of COM calls it works also, but for some reason the COM interface: (From the TSKIT.DLL)
    IEasyLanguage.Variable( Variant ) does not work correctly under any PB version > 7.0.
    Of course this is a MAJOR interface, so most of my COM dll's have to be written under some other langauage until PB gets this kink worked out.


    I will assume it is because of what appears to be a problem in PB > 7.00
    See older post:
    I suggest you add your voice on the PB forum that this is a major problem

    I am using PBWin 8.04 and TS 8.3. Does anybody have any info/experience on this??

    Any knowledge or assistance about this would be greatly appreciated.
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    I have heard of many success stories in support and in these forums with using PowerBASIC compilers with Trade Station, but have never heard of this issue. Can you send a complete compilable example that exhibits this behavior to support and if there is an issue, we will get it fixed. Thanks.

    Steve Rossell
    PowerBASIC Staff


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      I attached both the Easylanguage and PB code to the original post. I would be happy to supply you with what ever else will help in solving this issue. I can copy and forward the complete text of the TS forum threads that describe what I am seeing along with screen shoots of what happens when I run the test. Just let me know exactly what you need and how I can help.


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        There is an include file referenced in your example that is not posted. If you could bundle up all the necessary files to compile and run this example, please send them to [email protected]. Thanks.

        Steve Rossell
        PowerBASIC Staff


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          I have sent the email with the subject: Build files for PB and Trade Station's tskit.dll forum thread

          Please let me know if i can do anything to assist you.