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Copy and Paste Source Code problem

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  • Copy and Paste Source Code problem

    For at least 4 years I've been able to select and copy, then paste into notepad or wordpad and the code be usable. In the last couple of days that changed. Any ideas or others having the same problem. I've been using IE7 for as long as it's been out.

    Bob Mechler

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    I found I could use the Quote button to accomplish the task.

    Bob Mechler


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      Put your mouse just outside the source code window. I put it to the right. Hold the shift key down and left-click. The code should hi-lite. Edit > Copy.

      Bring up your PB ide and and shift-insert (paste) it there. Works every time.
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        I may be off a bit by description, but you will get the gist of it.

        Basically if I read right you do the following
        1. Copy
        2. Paste
        3. Repeat 1 and 2 and at some point, what you copied, is NOT what you pasted
        4. What you pasted was the last successful paste?

        If I am correct, then the clipboard (or clipboard buffer) is full, so you can only paste what is in the last location.

        How to clear it??? I dunno...but sure someone here does

        Although I could have totally mis-read your question???
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          Originally posted by Cliff Nichols View Post
          How to clear it??? I dunno...but sure someone here does


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            Shift-Left Click. I was just left-clicking just outside the code window and then ctrl-C



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              Left-shift + left-click doesn't work for me.
              Ctrl+left-click does???