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  • ICON to BMP

    Is there a recommended tool to convert an .ICO file to a BMP and then can the tool resize the 32x32 to say 12x12 bmp.

    There was a routine by Peter Lamejn that was to convert icons to a bitmap imagelist but kept rejecting the icons I gave it. It was called toolbarcreate.

    I want to build a bitmap collection for use with TreeViews. I've had some issues loading icons one at a time and would like to try the alternative of using a bitmap collection instead.


    Bob Mechler

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    Depending on the icon, you could almost write something using PB's Built-in commands. ico and bmp are pretty much the same format until you start getting into more colors and alpha. Is there only one format of icon in the ico? Might even be able to rename it to .bmp if so. I know a few apps that can open ico and especially if it is able to be renamed to bmp. Many have batch resize operations too. Try something like Irfan Viewer, etc.
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      I found an icon to bmp converter in the graphic tools download section on the site.

      I then created a 32x32 in Paint added the first bitmap, filled in the transparency color, then expanded the bitmap to 64x32. From there I selected the area to the right of the first bitmap and did a paste from. It opened up an open file dialog and I picked the next bitmap. From there I continued that routine until I had a 160 by 32 bitmap. I used that bitmap Load Image to load the Treeview. Worked fine.

      Bob Mechler


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        Though I'm not sure it will do exactly what you want, I've been very happy with this-