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  • Alternative Custom Buttons

    I spent a good deal of time looking at the various means of creating custom buttons. Some didn't produce an acceptable result and others required a large amount of code to create the button. I wondered if bitmaps could be used as buttons.

    Attached is a test program that uses bitmaps on labels as buttons. Also attached are the two bitmaps used with this test program.

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    Probably the easiest way to use bitmaps in buttons is with the ddt imgbutton/imgbuttonx.

    The one drawback seems to be if you need to disable it/them.

    What I have used in that case is to kill the imagebutton and add a regular button and disable it. That way, at least the text shows up.

    In using labels as buttons, you could use an old trick from the QB/PBdos days
    and 'print' lines around the outside of the button area that resemple the button being pushed using the ddt control add line. This could be done in a
    short sub with the location of the 'button' label and whether it is pushed or
    not. i.e. button is up or down.

    BTW, I like your buttons
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      I can make you some nice Gel buttons if you want as well.

      One thing I wish PBforms and other designers would do is have better support for ANI icon/cursors as resources and as pictures on controls. They work pretty slick and are smaller than AVI or using a webcontrol for GIF. I can't remember if I ever got them to work on a button, but know they work in static controls. You can get some neat effects with them and create a cool button.
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