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    I have searched the forum for topics relating to tabbed printing. I have a listbox containing 4 colomns (the tabs in the listbox are no problem and the listbox looks okay - thankyou Lance!) which I would like to print.

    I have tried using a similar technique when trying to print using tabbedtextout. First I DIM the array containing tab stops (negatives for right aligned), and using tabbedtextout as explained in the win32 doc.

    Has anyone made use of this function or are there simpler methods of printing coloumns ?

    Thankyou for your help

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    <shameless self promotion>
    If you want to use a 3rd party print/preview too, my ddoc Print and Preview has a function just for this situation.
    You call a function to tell the system where the tab stops are (e.g. "1L.75 2R 2.1L3" = left stop at 1 inch, .75 maximum width, right stop at 2", left stop at 2.1" with a maximum width of 3 inches). Any subsequent call using the print tab text function will place the text at these tab stops (tab delimited). So you could print like this ...
    "ID" + $tab + "$9.99" + $tab + "This is the amount they owe."

    An evaluation edition is available for free download. The package costs just $25 (email delivery)
    </shameless self promotion>

    If you want to do it yourself, internally, my software parses the text and manually prints it at the positions specified.


    Don Dickinson