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PowerBASIC not in TIOBE

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  • PowerBASIC not in TIOBE

    I ran across the TIOBE index of computer languages and was surprised that PowerBASIC was not in the Top 100 listing.

    There were at least two other BASIC dialects in the list.

    Any thoughts/comments?


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    It likely means that if PowerBASIC was on the list that there would be 98 conversion programs to be written once the VB to PB converter project has an up and running version.

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      From TIOBE website:
      Some languages are grouped together because they are very similar to each other. An example is the language entry Basic which covers Visual Basic, QBasic, Microsoft Basic, etc. VB.NET has been added as well to the Visual Basic entry because it is often referred to as Visual Basic. The ratings for a collection of languages is calculated by taking the maximum of all individual entries (not its sum!).
      I think they simply put our precious PowerBASIC to company of other BASICs.

      When such a totally different beasts like QBasic and VB.NET are put in as one item and RealBASIC as separate one on other side...

      I am not sure if I would consider TIOBE list as something related to reality.

      I don't care whether PowerBASIC is on the list or not ... it is simply best Windows BASIC compiler around for me, and served me well for achieving wide range of tasks.

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        The ratings are calculated by counting hits of the most popular search engines. The search query that is used is
        +"<language> programming"
        Well, this say all about credibility of this index.


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          Good find

          ... so PB is not in one bag with VBs.

          Their method for evaluating results is odd, as well as their advice to stick with languages they classify as "mainstream" ... which is simply defined as thing with 0.7%+ of "status" .

          It is interesting web to see how much people google languages out, but nothing more I think

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