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Error 496 Destination file write error

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  • Error 496 Destination file write error


    I'm new to PB and cannot find the setting to do the following. When I compile a file for the first time it saves the source code, compiled exe and the log file successfully. However if I compile the same code a second time it gives Error 496 Destination file write error.

    The only way I can get around this is to everytime delete the exe and only then will the compile run and save the new version successfully. Im sure its just a setting I'm missing somewhere.


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    This usually means that the EXE file generated by the previous compile is in use. The most common reason for this is that the previous version of your program is still running. Even if its window has gone it may still be running if there is some problem with it shutting down. Use Task Manager to see if it is still a current process.


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      That and Anti-Virus / Spyware programs.

      Especially if you have Spybot S&D running......Turn it off and see if the recompile problem goes away???
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        Some essentials should be known before attempting to give an answer:

        1. What PB version? PB/WIN is up to 8.04 now, and it's got a 32-bit compiler.
        2. What OS? Another user reported problems with 64-bit Windows | Slam DBMS | PrpT Control | Other Downloads | Contact Me


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          Yep that fixed it. I have bitdefender total security 2008 running alongside Threatfire on Vista 32bit with PB8.04. Switching off Threatfire eliminated the compile error. I have PB on the allowed list however it does not allow a 2nd or more compile on an existing file even if I restart PB. Just need to find a way to configure threatfire to allow the recompile

          Thanks all for the assistance.