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What is SDK for CONTROL SET USER ...?

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  • What is SDK for CONTROL SET USER ...?

    It's been suggested that if I write a SuperClass in SDK code it would be better to use all SDK coding style.

    Currently I am mixing the two and having a problem with

    CONTROL SET USER and CONTROL GET USER with regard to a SuperClassed control.

    Sometimes the values stick and are available in the WndProc for the SuperClass and for other SuperClassed controls they don't. I want to try using SET USER/GET USER SDK equivalents but don't know how to write that. I saw a post by Jules that referred to private data in the control referencing a UDF variable and wondered if this is really the way to do it.

    Bob Mechler

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    SetWindowLong () / GetWindowLong()

    q.v in your SDK documentation.
    Michael Mattias
    Tal Systems (retired)
    Port Washington WI USA
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