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Printing to screen in PB/Windows

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  • Printing to screen in PB/Windows

    I just started using PB/Windows and am wishing to do something very simple. I have a program that crunches numbers for a long time and it prints a line of data to the screen every few seconds. Is there a way to do this in PB/Win? I have tried using GRAPHIC PRINT and it works fine until my window fills up and then it prints no more data. I would like to have a scrolling effect where new data is printed at the bottom of the window and old data scrolls off the top. PB/DOS does this and I assume PB/CC does too. Thank you!

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    use a listbox.


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      OR listview...

      (That's the much-loved "greenbar" viewer).

      For that matter...
      Use Listview control as a console. September 13 2003.
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        Use a multiline text box, and have old entries scroll off the bottom of the screen, so for each line to be displayed in DDT format something like
        Newtext = new line to be displayed
        Control Get Text CBHNDL, %MultiTextbox, to TextBuffer
        TextBuffer = Newtext & $CRLF & TextBuffer
        Control Set Text CBHNDL, %MultiTextbox, TextBuffer
        This way windows will allways set the display of the textbox to the newest line without you having to reposition, also easy to trim the number of result lines saved if it gets very large