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    Is it possible to use the DLLs used in the Jet Engine 3.5 to
    modify existing MS Access databases through Power Basic? If so,
    does anyone have the API files and source code examples to show
    me how. I can do this in Visual Basic but I would rather write
    all my code in Power Basic.


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    The answer is, yes, you can query and update existing MS-Access (r) databased with PowerBASIC.

    Now, as to what DLLs the Jet engine uses, I don't have a clue; among others, I am using ODBC to do it. The include files for ODBC are in the file section here.

    I believe the SQL Tools product was designed to make ODBC access easier than using the 'native' ODBC API; but I better let someone who knows those tools better explain it.

    Michael Mattias
    Tal Systems (retired)
    Port Washington WI USA
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      Jet is, i believe, calling the same ODBC dll's indirectly.
      (I ever checked this out what i needed)
      At the end you must install the same overhead as using ODBC.
      I don't think you can get a grip on the JET DLL's, no exported functions for proper use.



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        Have you looked at SQLTools? This allows you to work with any ODBC database, and it was written with PowerBASIC in mind.

        For more information, take a look at

        I hope this helps!

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          Thank you all for your responses. It looks like ODBC is the way
          to go.



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            Yes, but can I make a DSN-less connection? I am an avid ADO writer.
            I set up my program in VB 6 using ADO and allow the use of complete
            user specified connection strings. Of course I have written a connection
            string builder. Once the "Test Connection" button succeeds, the
            string is copied to the clipboard.

            In this way if my user upsizes to SQL server we jsut move the
            tables and change the connection string.
            Voila! Instant SQL server applications.


            Charles Kincaid


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              > can I make a DSN-less connection?

              Absolutely! ODBC (and SQL Tools) allow you to establish a connection to a database using a DSN file, a connection string, a series of "navigation" dialogs, or a combination of those techniques. Once a connection has been established the first time, you can retrieve the connection string and save it in any form you choose.

              > if my user upsizes to SQL server we jsut move the
              > tables and change the connection string.

              It's that easy with ODBC too! In fact, using ODBC makes it possible to move from database platform to platform with no recoding at all. That's the whole idea!

              -- Eric

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                James and Charles,

                You might look at JACOMPB20 :-
                They have several ADO examples:
                ' SQL programming using the ADO-OLE/DB object model.
                ' Methods with VARIANT parameters.
                ' JAZZAge Software SARL (c) 1999-2000