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Very Simple Question I did'nt even need to know till now!

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  • Wayne Suite

    Thanks Jose! Sometimes the obvious just is overlooked. Could'nt see the forest for the trees! Works great!


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  • José Roca
    No, it is not hard coded. Click the menu option Options-->Compiler to activate the Compiler Options dialog and select the paths.

    The default directory is C:\PBWin80, and for the compiler C:\PBWin80\bin.

    Example: C:\PBWIN80\BIN\PBWIN.EXE
    Last edited by José Roca; 14 Aug 2008, 12:44 PM.

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  • Very Simple Question I did'nt even need to know till now!

    I used search but was unable to find it anywhere. So my easily answered question for all but me since I live and think outside the box is: What is the default PowerBasic Version 8.03 directory that is created when you install power basic like it should be from the CD.

    I know I could get the CD and install it on another machine but I thought some kind person who installed it like it was meant to be installed would tell me. The reason it has become needed now and not before is that I was finally getting around to using the SED editor 1.15 and since I am living out of the box whenever I try to Compile within the editor it is giving me a generic &H5 error access denied even though it compiles ok. So I figure the SED editor is hard coded for the default location of the power basic installation as provided.