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upgrade proceedure help ?

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    upgrade proceedure help ?

    Question to anyone who has done this before ...

    I'm trying to make sure I get this correct. Since I already own PBWIN 8.04, if I purchase the upgrade to 9.0 then I have to have 8.04 installed on the same machine for 9.0 to

    to install?

    to run?

    not at all ... just can't use them at the same time legally?

    Usually you need the serial number to purchase, see post by Steve Rossell

    You do not have to un-install the previous version, many have versions going way back, PB/DLL 6 and PBCC 2, for example, others probably further.
    Rick Angell


      still not sure ...

      That is kind of what I suspected but the FAQ seems to indicate that you MUST HAVE the previous version installed for the new version to install ... as if it is going to detect the older one since you have an uprade and not a full install ...


      this is what I'm trying to figure out...

      you see, I'm going to build up a new machine and don't want to have install 8.04 just to get 9.0 to install...


        No, you're fine Mark. You can have as many older versions as you want installed or not. All the installations are independent. The only place the issues you refer to come up with serial numbers is in terms of pricing a new purchase. If you wish to take advantage of the upgrade price - which is a good cost savings to you, PowerBASIC reasonably wants to know your valid 4.0/8.0 serial number as the case may be. If you buy PB 9.0 at the upgrade price and want to install it on a new computer with no prior versions, there is no problem with that. The only place where I've seen PowerBASIC installs ask for serial numbers (other than the one given you with an outright new purchase), is when they provide free product updates. So, when they get to producing 9.01 they'll probably ask for your valid 9.0 code - which you'll get when you buy 9.0.


          Only "updates" require a version to be installed. The example was going from 8.03 to 8.04. An "upgrade" moves to a new major version, as defined by Power BASIC when they announce it.

          Maybe you already understand the difference, but for any that don't:

          FWIW, AIUI, an update typically corrects any bugs or nits which may be found after release, although sometimes it might include some small amount of added functionality. It equates more or less to a service release, so you would need the product being serviced to be installed.

          On the other hand an upgrade is where many new features, changes and additions are made to a software product. The example here would parallel going from WinME to WinXP. In those cases one used to be able to just let MS's installer read your install disk for the previous Windows version. In PB's installer you just need the previous versions serial number handy.

          PBWin 9 and PBCC 5 were announced as upgrades for buyers with previous PB compiler products of the same type.

          This is pretty much how it has worked out for most software products I have owned over the years.
          Rick Angell


            direct from the PB FAQ page

            I probably should have posted this already ... this is from the PB FAQ page ... it is the last sentence that has me confused ... Understand they everyone is saying that say verions 9.0 is completely independant from 8.04 (even if it is an upgrade purschase as opposed to a full purchase); however the words "presence of the prior software at time of installation" seems to contradict that.


            Do I get everything in an upgrade?
            Yes! When you buy an upgrade, you'll get all the software, documentation, and examples. Everything that's found in the full product. You'll just have to prove ownership of a prior version with serial numbers, codes, and presence of the prior software at time of installation.


              yep, PB9 installs as a full version whether you have earlier version or not. Upgrade really implies the price you pay (in this case anyway). You pay a discounted 99USD if you have a previous version but 199USD if you do not have a previous version. What you receive tho is the same product in both cases.


                If you purchase an upgrade directly from PowerBASIC, you do not need to have the previous version installed because we know your purchase history.

                If you purchase through a dealer, you may need to have the previous version installed so it can be verified.

                Best regards,

                Bob Zale
                PowerBASIC Inc.


                  thank you

                  Thank you Bob.