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  • ListBox nosort

    I have made a dialog that allows the user to add
    desctiptions (in a textbox) of things to be added
    to a file. In a listbox i am showing the additions.
    Is there a way to keep the listbox from auto sorting
    these descriptions. The listbox is used for
    display only.

    I didnt find any %LBS for not sorting and I do not
    have %LBS_SORT as a style but it is automatically
    sorting these descriptions apparently.


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    Sounds like your listbox is created with DDT, in that case you
    need to turn that style off, I think it defaults to sort if you don't
    specifiy it.

    Yep! Found in Poffs, info supplied by Lance...

    It's no mystery...

    The default style for a LISTBOX (%LBS_STANDARD) is made up of the %LBS_SORT and %LBS_NOTIFY styles
    (and an implicit %WS_TABSTOP is included too). This is detailed in the doc's in two places.

    To specifically exclude the sorted style, specify an explicit set of styles (in your CONTROL ADD
    statement) that do not include the %LBS_SORT style flag.



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      Thanks Jules, that did it.
      It's basically a wizard done entirely with DDT.
      It allows the user to set up a basic Chart of Accounts (general
      ledger) by just entering the description of the account and
      where on the financial statement it is to print (done with radio
      buttons i.e. control add option). I completed it this morning
      with few problems and I just have to go back now and add some
      more initial text for the starting page. Thanks again for your
      help (i should have suspected the case of %LB_STANDARD being the

      Client Writeup for the CPA

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