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    Neosoftware ( offers a great little programming tool, NeoBook V4.0.
    A build in feature is a Plug-In Interface, which enables the user,
    to include external DLL´s and use them just like internal functions. A great deal for PowerBasic 6.0
    The only prob is, the published SDK-description includes only sources in Delphi. But I know,
    it should be possible to do the same in PB. Can anybody help me, transferring the Delphi-code to a functional PB-skeleton code?
    Or does anybody have experience in both, Delphi and PB, who is able to help me?
    I think, the combination NB and PB is it worth to have a look to.

    Thanks a lot to everybody



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    It is a long shot, but have you asked their Tech Support folks if they have any PowerBASIC headers? It could be that they have just not mentioned them on the web site.

    Since the Delphi headers are almost certain to be covered by copyright, you won't be permitted to post them (or a PB translation of them) to this BBS unless you can obtain NeoSoftware's permission first. They may even be interested in helping you with this conversion too, since it may widen their market too!

    Finally, may I suggest that you post your email address so folks can contact you directly about this. There are a few Delphi "guru's" that visit here, and someone may be interested in helping you off-line... you never know until you try!

    PowerBASIC Support
    mailto:[email protected][email protected]</A>
    mailto:[email protected]


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      Hello Lance,

      thanks a lot for your kind reply. I don´t know how it is with copyrights of the skeleton code.
      But I also think that it is in Neosoftware´s interest when other
      languages like PB will support their product. I will contact NB-Tec Support to
      verify it out.

      By the way I really forget my E-Mail 8-) Here it is:

      [email protected]

      Thanks a lot