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Problem: ListView NM_CUSTOMDRAW using XP Themes

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  • Roger Garstang
    There is an issue with autosizing the first column when the listview is themed and uses LVS_OWNERDATA. This still isn't fixed in SP3+ either. Only in Vista which also adds an always autosize feature. This is broke both when double clicking in the header divider and by calling the API. If it is the cause then you can determine the text size yourself with other calls then manually size to that or make the first column's size 0 and use the 2nd column on.

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  • Paul Squires
    Hi José,

    Thanks for the link but removing that style did not fix the problem.

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  • José Roca
    Try it removing the %LVS_EX_GRIDLINES extended style.

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  • Problem: ListView NM_CUSTOMDRAW using XP Themes

    I have an older program that uses an custom draw ListView (and also %LVS_OWNERDATA). It worked perfectly up until I recompiled a couple of weeks ago. I could not understand why the items in the ListView would no longer show.

    It appears that the problem relates to using an XP theme manifest with the program (either a standalone manifest or a resource embedded manifest). Whenever a manifest is active the listview is blank.

    I have attached a couple of screenshots showing the effect.

    Has anyone else run into this problem and have a solution available that allows the custom draw listview to display with themed support?

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