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  • Real-time Data Monitoring

    Looking for some information on Real-time Data Monitoring or Real-time data plotting.
    I want to display inputs/outputs during simulation process.

    Is it any DLL and/or ActiveX available.

    Sasha Jacimovic

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    ok...I will bite
    Real time what?? (or more to the point...what is the data you are trying to find??? or what are you using to find this data???)

    to quote a famous phrase (and I hate to say it )
    "Application Specific"

    Anyways let us know some details and maybe someone has a better answer
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      To answer the question generically, yes you can monitor events in 'real time' and 'do something' such as plotting with that data.

      However, much depends on 'what' you want to monitor.

      If it's some special piece of hardware, your best source for some kind of API ("DLL") is probably the hardware manufacturer.

      If it's some event on the system (eg, a new file appears in some folder and you have to pick it up and process it), then all the tools you need to handle that are available in the compiler 'off the shelf' - although it is not likely to be something as 'canned' as an API provided by a hardware manufacturer.
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        Thank you for your response.

        I am performing some mathematical modeling and process simulations utilizing PB-based, in-house developed programs. During this process, many large output files are created for different scenarios. Presently, the output analysis is performed after the simulation is completed.

        I would like to be able to monitor the selected output data in real-time on the screen, and decide if I should perform a full post-simulation analysis.

        I hope this explain my objective. My questions are:
        a) can the code for data monitoring be made available for me to include in my PB based simulator, so that I don't always have to pipe the data indirectly through a log file? Is this recommended?
        b) Is it possible to take just the plotter window and integrate it into my program?

        Best regards,


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          If you can give samples of the data/results that you want to monitor you will probably get lots of suggestions.

          There are plenty of examples of grids/listviews in the forums that you might fill with data as you run your simulations, if that's appropriate.

          Charles Dietz once posted sample code to plot values in this thread..

          There are other graphing solutions to be found in the Third-Party Addons too e.g.

          Rgds, Dave