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PBWin90 and PBForms 1.51

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  • PBWin90 and PBForms 1.51

    I' m very happy with PBWin90 because of it's universality and it's completeness. Finally I'm also able do program and compile large code with foreward referencing lots of declararions.
    I'm thinking about using PBForms 1.5.1 after testing the compiler.
    PBWin90 and PBForms 1.51, do they both work together, or is there some additional stuff I should know?
    Norbert Doerre

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    Work well together

    Hi Robert

    I use PB9 and PBForms quite happy together.

    Regards - Carlo


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      Me Too!

      No problems encountered here.
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      n6jah @


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        No problems found!

        Well, it seems that in fact everything is running well.
        Norbert Doerre


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          To interactively use PB Forms 1.51 with PB Win 9.0 there is one caveat to keep in mind. Do not revise the PB Forms generated CONTROL ADD statements, which use the CONTROL ADD "custom_control" format, to the new DDT for them where it exists. In 9.0 DDT, LISTVIEW, STATUSBAR and several others now have their own CONTROL ADD statements, however the CONTROL ADD "custom_control" syntax PB Forms 1.51 generates does the same thing. Leaving the generated code there as-is lets PC-Forms recognize the code correctly.

          The second place to avoid change is in the call backs. Since for the moment the older "CB" syntax; e.g. CBHNDL,CBCTRL,CBMSG, etc.; is still supported it would be advisable to leave as is so PB Forms interacttivity would remain viable.
          Rick Angell