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PBWin 9.0 Help errors/suggestions

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  • PBWin 9.0 Help errors/suggestions

    Please make corrections in PBWin.chm:

    The PowerBASIC COM Browser Tutorial:
    "We will walk through and example"

    DISPLAY OPENFILE statement:
    Syntax DISPLAY OPENFILE [hParent], [xpos], [ypos], title$, folder$, filter$, start$, defext$, flags TO filename$ (filename$ is a reserved word)

    1) Perhaps help examples that are incomplete and/or don't actually compile should be in a different font?

    2) A link at the bottom of help screen for each command should ALWAYS have example code or links to such. (Example 1, Example 2, etc.) Html online links would be great. Examples are worth a thousand words of explanation. Look at PBWin 9.0's "New Statements and Functions". Very few have example code. Where is an example of the new GLOBALMEM statement? There is not one single example in the PBWin.chm file or the online forum.

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    New Feature Suggestions should be sent directly to [email protected]

    This BBS is not an official communications venue.
    Michael Mattias
    Tal Systems (retired)
    Port Washington WI USA
    mmat[email protected]


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      Examples of new statements / functions

      Hi Alan

      Did you go through the \Samples folder that was created during the install?


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        Michael: I forwarded message to support via e-mail.
        Carlo: A search on "GLOBALMEM" in all \Samples folders will return nothing.