I was reading post's and ran across the 'heated' commericial app's
post. First I agree that the thread needed to be closed. I for
one firmly believe thats there is no 'perfect' compiler. If you want an
example of a commericial app used world wide that PB played a
big part in then look at www.maccor.com

It's called the proper tool for the proper job. I use VB,C++,
MSAM and PB/DLL of course. Just depends on the problem at hand.
I personaly wish that PowerBasic would not have any DTT (GUI)
stuff at all ( I know I don't have to use that part of it). But the
point is that its a great compiler that make fast easy DLL's
(Beats C++ most of the time) and since time is money I used the
tool that gets the job done fastest and in the best quality.

Wish list... PBWDM/VXD....a basic compiler for device drivers

Just my thoughts