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  • PB COM Browser Question

    I've noticed that when you double click on a type library in COM Browser and save it as an include file the events GUID always has two = signs, as in this example....

    $CLSID_Event_ICommonDialogEvents = GUID$("{5F5C56A1-7EE2-4E2C-A1E2-8EA1DD24B15E}") = GUID$("{17B40980-8F9B-4CC0-9248-C982FE692E6C}")

    Does anybody know why this is? This compiles but the structure doesn't look right.
    Dave Paton

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    You should be getting a syntax error on the second "=". Remove the second guid and all should be fine. The guids for events are randomly created by the COM Browser, so it really does not matter which one you delete as long as you remove one of them.

    I would also send an email to support about this issue.

    Steve Rossell
    PowerBASIC Staff


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      As Steve said, send in a report about the issue.
      I would send in a sample myself, but have been on vacation and forgot what I did to come up with the same sort of results, but I have seen the similar and thought it was a glitch or 1 GUID = anther more generic GUID (although that kinda defeats the purpose of a GUID)

      or more to the point, I looked at it as a Manufacturer specific GUID actually using a generic "Serial Port GUID" type of thing, I would think both would appear (but that also defeats the purpose, unless just for reference)

      I think its more a glitch, (or possibly a "Bug") that should be reported for verification if it is, or if it is something else???

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