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    I have an app, WInlog For Win2k, and the new version has been requested to have an administrative portion in it so that one administrator can view all users logs of who logged into what machine etc...
    Now i know this can be done with Win2k but the point is my app makes it easy to just pull the logon info without weeding through the event logs...

    SO currently it reads a file, decryts it and displays the info.
    Writing the file encrypts it and appends it...the encryption algorythm knows how to separate that.

    Now, say I have 40 users that may be booting simultaneously or whatnot, and one admin needs to open all log files, I'm stumped as to how to go about this..

    First thought was one log file, but then the encryption key has to be the same etc..

    Next t hought, one server folder (This is a must at this point) and each log file represented by machine name.log etc...
    This requires putting the key in the file for the administrator to decrypt it.

    The admin piece will read all log files, decrypt, and display by machine name each user that logs in..

    Anybody got b etter suggestions?
    Right now I'm leaning to the one folder, machinename.log file idea, but that requires reading all ".log" files, which will probably be changed to ".wlg" or something..



    Scott Turchin
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