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Thank you Bob and PB staff

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  • Thank you Bob and PB staff

    Just started to play around with PB9. The new DDT controls are a welcomed addition. They are cleanly implemented - especially the Tab control. I have played around with the objects a little and they will probably find a way into my programming. Thanks again for another fine release.

    Good Job

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    Thanks, Jim. We try very hard to give you the best tools we can.

    Best regards,

    Bob Zale
    PowerBASIC Inc.


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      I second that. The hard work that the PB team put into PB9 is making my life much, much, easier. I spent a few days learning the new class/oop features and over the last couple of days actually implementing it into an existing application of mine. It has made my program much 'cleaner' in that the class now encapsulates things very nicely and allows me to group code and data together. I plan on using a mixture of both procedural and oop styles in my code. So far, both co-exist very nicely and I appreciate that PB didn't force us into an all or nothing approach.
      Paul Squires
      FireFly Visual Designer (for PowerBASIC Windows 10+)
      Version 3 now available.