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C struct conversion question

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  • Kev Peel
    ASCIIZ PTR is correct, DWORD or LONG could also be used also but it depends whether you will be referencing the string content of the pointer (@lpszName) after assignment, in which case you'd need ASCIIZ PTR.

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  • Michael Mattias
    Personally I'd go with ASCIIZ PTR.

    But you may use whatever you want, as long as the VALUE of that member ( a 32-bit integer) represents the address of a null-terminated string and you make your assignments in a manner consistent with your datatype choice.

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  • Bern Ertl
    started a topic C struct conversion question

    C struct conversion question

    Sorry for the basic question here folks. It's been a while and wheels are turning slowly this morning.

    I'm translating a header file and have the following structure:

    'typedef struct ss_ct_createeditorcontrol_args
    '   LPTSTR lpszName;   // in: name of custom celltype
    '   HWND   hWndSpread; // in: HWND of Spread control
    '   long   lStyle;     // in: style for custom celltype
    '   int    CtrlId;     // in: Value to use for control id
    '   HWND   hWndEditor; // out: HWND of editor control
    I'm wondering how best to handle the first field in the corresponding PB TYPE declaration. Should I define lpszName as a DWORD or would an ASCIIZ PTR work?