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how to open a program with one click

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    how to open a program with one click

    i have created a dialogue and it has a button that i want to use it to open an application like adobe reader or windows mediaplayer ?

    what is the command for calling applications ?
    i tried SHELL didnt work


    SHELL should work, please post the code you used. If you need to open a particular file with it's associated program then the Windows API function ShellExecute() is the one to use. | Slam DBMS | PrpT Control | Other Downloads | Contact Me


      I choose not to send parameters but you can, here is the MSDN description of ShellExecute

               Case %IDM_HELP 'Help menu was selected
                   sTmp = AppPath & "Help\Index.html"
                   ShellExecute ByVal %NULL, "open", ByVal StrPtr(sTmp), ByVal %NULL, ByVal %NULL, %SW_SHOWNORMAL
                   Function = %TRUE
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        like Scott said..."ShellExecute" is the way.

        I have used it for opening a program via the users personal preference of what program to use (unlike "Lazy" programmers out there, that force you to open Internet Explorer, when you normally use Firefox, or force M$ Office, when you normally use OpenOffice"

        The choice should be up to the user, and not the programmer (unless no choice), and only takes one line of code to do so

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