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  • 16 bit or 32??


    When you create a boot disk in '95 or '98 and you boot your PC with it and are playing around at the command prompt are you in a 16 or 32 bit environment???

    I'm looking at purchasing one of the command line PB products (CC or Dos) as I would like to write CGI apps in PB too (ASP is getting tedious) I under stand that CC would be best for that but there are quite a few boot disk tools I would like to write too and I don't know what environment I'd be in, will PBCC apps run okay then? also do PB dos apps run as IIS cgi? and can you call the win 32 API from PB dos if windows is running? I doubt it but since PB dos is quite cheap I thought I'd do some checking


    Paul Dwyer
    Network Engineer
    Aussie in Tokyo

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    It is 16bit DOS. PBCC will not run under DOS. Windows 9x are dos apps. Type "win" from the dos prompt to run the windows program.


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      Well, there's DOS, and then there's WinDOS... whether you're running 16-bit DOS
      or a 32-bit Windows command line is not always clear. The quick test is to see
      whether long filenames are supported. If not, you're in 16-bit DOS.

      Tom Hanlin
      PowerBASIC Staff


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        So PBCC is not for creating apps in dos mode where windows is not running, ie:
        win95/98 boot disks
        starting 95 in command prompt mode
        95 shutdown and restart in dos mode

        anyone know if PB dos is any good for IIS cgi? obviously you loose the odbc support etc.

        Does PB have a package deal with both CC and DOS versions? "The All round MS Command Line Compiler" ? That'd be nice


        Paul Dwyer
        Network Engineer
        Aussie in Tokyo


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          I think Win95 in "command prompt mode" is running 32-bit, but it's been more
          than a few years since I've fiddled with it...

          As far as I know, PB/DOS should be fine for CGI. You don't need anything fancier
          than STDOUT, do you?

          No package deal, no. Interesting idea, though!

          Tom Hanlin
          PowerBASIC Staff


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            "Oy! This man won' 'aggle !!" -Life of Brian

            Does this mean
            A) No negotiation... or...
            B) Email the Sales dept

            c'mon guys, there has to be some deal for wanting to buy two compilers virtually the same even if it's just "Get PBDOS for $99 then upgrade to PBCC for $xx"

            what sayest thou? huh huh huh?

            "Would you say I had a 'plethora' of pinyada's" -Life of Brian

            (Please reply via monty python quote)


            Paul Dwyer
            Network Engineer
            Aussie in Tokyo


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              > Would you say I had a 'plethora' of pinyada's" -Life of Brian

              No, I'm pretty sure that's Three Amigos.

              -- Eric

              P.S. You may want to consider switching to decaf...

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                Ok, but first you must bring us a shrubbery.

                Tom Hanlin
                PowerBASIC Staff


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                  it's not an upgrade, it's just a very naughty vendor

                  i'm a bit worried about this though...

                  paul dwyer
                  network engineer
                  aussie in tokyo


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                    Nothing to be worried about... check out the replies you have received in that thread...

                    JFYI, I run FirstBasic and PB/DOS 3.2 and 3.5 on my 2K box.

                    PowerBASIC Support
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                      You can set win95 oem, a, b, c to start in REAL dos by twiddling
                      the settings in MSDOS.SYS


                      Booting from a floppy will run the version of on the
                      floppy disk and it is 16 bit DOS like normal.

                      A prompt while running win95 is just a console that runs both 16
                      and 32 bit apps.

                      If you want to run some real DOS yukkies like boot sector disinfectors
                      and similar, you can only do it in 16 bit real DOS with INT 24-25
                      from memory, been a while since I have done that stuff.

                      I vaguely remember some stunning video trashing while learning BIOS
                      INT 10h functions years ago so you should have an unlimited supply of
                      fun playing with this stuff.


                      [email protected]

                      hutch at movsd dot com
                      The MASM Forum - SLL Modules and PB Libraries



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                        About running DOS--
                        Using System Commander, I regularly boot to DOS 7.1--the 
                        real DOS thing.  No Windows.  I do this because I use 
                        DriveImage for backups (to hard drives in removable 
                        cartridges).  DOS 7.1 also provides native support for 
                        FAT32 drives, and the appeal of that feature is very hard 
                        to ignore.  Additionally, I sometimes still have reason to 
                        fire up the PB/DOS 3.5 IDE and do some work there too. 
                        The entire contents of my DOS 7.1 MSDOS.SYS:
                        ;The following lines are required for compatibility with other programs.
                        ;Do not remove them (MSDOS.SYS needs to be > 1024 bytes).
                        In C:\DOS710 I've placed copies of most \WINDOWS\COMMAND 
                        files, although the path could just as easily point there. 
                        CONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXEC.BAT contain almost everything that 
                        they did under DOS 6.1, including ANSI.SYS and the mouse 
                        driver and a couple of tiny ASM utilities I wrote long ago 
                        to remap some keyboard keys.

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