to add to the closed thread ...

just want to add the last two cents worth..
as someone said, if it aint broke dont fix it. our two main
servers run dos, one accepts telnet rlogins, ftp and smtp, the
other does all the "grunt" work running a multitude of "threads"
using a pascal time slicing lib.
our customers? only 15% of them are using windows and while we
do have a windows version of our client software nobody is using
it because keyboard is faster than mouse !
lance, if you pop into any car dismantler in your area you will
see just how important a little old 486 (or 386, and i think
there are some 286's) running dos is.
as for me, the only windows app i use at home is pbedit so i
look forward to a version of pb for linux that will compile
for both linux and windows.

have fun all.