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How to make such a GUI style?

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  • How to make such a GUI style?

    Hello All,

    is it possible to create such a GUI style (see pic, like Office 2003) with Powerbasic 9? perhaps you have a small tutorial for me.
    Thanks for helping a newbie.

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    Suggest you search these forums for "toolbar" and "icon"!


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      You are hereby awarded twelve (12) points for including a picture of what you want in lieu of trying to explain it using only the English language.
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        And if you can't find anything, try Jose Roca (I think he or someone has something similar at

        Although from instinct of cobwebs in my mind, you may need to search for the word "OWNER DRAWN" and toolbars, because of "The programmers "GUT-FEELING" and nothing else (I could be wrong..but I could be right)

        Hey MCM...where is the scoreboard, and how far in the hole am I with CNDS?
        (love a good razz from time to time )
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          It's a custom control with the movable "bands" and floating palettes. Short of writing the whole thing yourself (believe me, it's not trivial), it would be easier to track down a third-party library that offers this kind of control in a DLL.

          OCX controls are not natively supported, I believe, as PB does not have the required "container" support unless you use a third party library to supply the container.
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            You might want to try earching for 'Rebar'. Here are a couple of starters..

            Rebar Sample(SDK): Ralph Berger

            DDT Rebar sample José Roca:
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              Jules' code is a start for docking toolbars if you have the time to re-write this control:


              PS. There is one small compatibility issue: to fix, simply place a BYVAL on line 1047.
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                If I remember correctly, what you are refering to is called "Ribbons" which is supposedly a new GUI style used by Microsoft (not 100% sure).

                Either way, it is likely a custom control created by Microsoft for use in their own software and not a built in control in Windows.

                You could emulate the look of such a control by doing the following:

                (1) Create a Rebar control
                (2) add multiple Toolbars as bands to the Rebar control
                (3) subclass each toolbar (or put toolbar on a container window and draw its background)
                (4) draw a 3D gradient for each toolbar in the WM_ERASEBKGND message for it (or its container window).

                Example image attached to this post:
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                  Hi Roland, if I understood your inquiry, I think you are asking how to have that kind of theme in your dialogs and controls.

                  I´m about to tackle that so as to give my application a fresh and unique look.
                  I searched the forums for the word THEME in the title of the post and found very little information, although valuable.
                  I suggest you do that.

                  And if either you or I find something useful I suggest we post it right here.

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                    Ok, here are good starting points:


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